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Commissions Ordered

Nothing is more unique than a painting ordered of something that is of personal importance to you or a loved one. Wether it is of your current or past pet, human or of a special place or item, bringing it to life on a canvas has a very deep meaning. Below is a sample previous commissions ordered. Feel free to contact us for pricing on your unique painting!


Tootsie Pops

This was a fun commission to paint for someone’s daughter in law whose barrel horse had passed. Tootsie Pops shall now live on in blessed memory.

Personal Portrait

This painting was ordered as a Christmas Gift for his wife. Their beloved dog was included. His wife loved it.

Three Horses

Three tresured horses commissioned on a large canvas by a dear friend with a more artistic style wanted. I used a palette to complete and we all loved the results.

Runway 21

Commissioned by a dear lady who had great memories of this Runway from her youth flying with her dad and landing on this runway. It was challenging, but fun!

Motivational Painting

This painting was commissioned as an office decoration to be inspiring and motivating to their clientele. I feel it hit the mark!


A beautiful horse commissioned by a friend who loves him dearly. We all love Indy!